1.Two Early Buddha Images from Kanheri Cave-3
-Dr. Ajit Kumar

2.The River Saraswati-Cradle of Indian Civilization
-Dr. Rajesh Purohit

3.Sequence for the Types of Writing in the Central Coast of Peru,A Proposal
-Gori Tumi Echevarria Lopez
-Pedro Carlos Vargas Nalvarte

4.Indian Culture and Modern Life
-Rakesh Kumar Mittal

5.Preventive Conservation in Museums
-Ajay Srivastava

6.Searching for the Specific Archaeological Context of Kuberas in Museums: An Attempt
-J. Manual
-Pradeep K. Pandey

7.Rock Slides and Rock Carvings in Angai Valley (Sindh, Pakistan)
-Prof. Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

8.Stone Craft Technology of Chalcolithic Period at Agiabir: A Study
-Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh

9.'Chalka' a Jaina Site in Purulia Ditrict of West Bengal: New Discovery
-Shubha Majumder

10.New Archaeological Findings from Uttarakhand with Special Reference to Chandpur Garhi and Lakhamandal during Scientific Clearance
-Dr. Syed Jamal Hasan

11.Mysteries of Malhar : Two Excavations-Riddles still Unresolved
-Prabash Sahu

12.Roots of Lion Motif in Mauryan Art : Indigenous or Foreign?
-Dr. Vinay Kumar

13.Out of India- By Land or by Sea? A Paradigm Shift in Ancient Migration Theories
-W. J. Borsboom

14.Rare Balarama Depiction as the Main God in Four Gods and Vasudhara Imagery: Some Tentative Einferences
Dr. J. Manuel
Tejpal Singh

15.Effects of Supra-Regional Power: The Socio-Economic and Cultural Transformations in Medieval Kerala Unveiled by the Hoysala Inscriptions
-M. S. Dhiraj

6.Jainism in Rajgir Region-A Reappraisal
-Dr. Jalaj Kumar Tiwari

17.'Quilca' vs 'Rock Art', Terminological Digressions in the Context of Science and Humanism in the Andes
-Gori Tumi Echevarria Lopez

On The Term AVESANA in Sanchi Inscription
-Prof. Deena Bandhu Pandey


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